My husband starting his own business, so I needed to join him at functions and at other business-related events. But after so long in my ‘mum uniform’, I didn’t know how to put together a stylish wardrobe myself.

Jana gave me a complete style overhaul. She educated me on where I should shop and what I should look for. I now know what to look for that complements my shape and colouring. I was ready to make major changes to the way I dressed and the way I did my hair and make-up. Jana gave me advice on everything.

I love the way I feel now. I have ditched the daggy shorts and shirts of my past. Now my casual mum look is smart and feminine. It actually saves a lot of money as a personal stylist gives advice on what colours suit and what style suits. An outfit becomes “well-worn” rather than an “worn once” and then discarded, because it never really suited in the first place.