I always felt I had a pretty intuitive sense of style, including the colours I was drawn to. And then I met Jana; I discovered I knew ‘nada.’ Or at the very least, I had, what I now realise was a very ‘superficial’ hit-and-miss level of knowledge.

Jana takes your ‘look’ to a whole new level. Colour, body shape, eye shape, tones, undertones. I go through most days not worrying about this stuff… until an event comes up where I need to feel confident and ‘together’; for me – presenting seminars.

When I’ve got an event coming up I-need-to-nail – I consult Jana. Right down to what lipstick that should-be-on-ma -lips! Seriously – it BOGGLES MY BRAIN how skilled and knowledgabe this woman is. Thank you Jana for stretching me…and thank you for helping me feel fabulous AND confident.