Styling with Sustainable Fabrics and Slow Fashion

Refining your wardrobe into an effortless selection of quality, sustainable and carefully curated items that will reveal your authentic self.

I deliver this holistic approach to styling through the Style Refinery System (SRS).

The Style Refinery System

The SRS fuses the technical methodology of colour and shape analysis with ethical brands and education on sustainably-driven shopping and styling ideas, including sustainable fabrics, tailoring, dying and re-purposing.

Clients who undergo the SRS are empowered with outfit combinations and hero pieces defined by natural fabrics and ease of wear, with a low-impact focus on the environment.

My Vision

My vision is to see my clients seize every opportunity in life with a renewed sense of confidence and belief in themselves, empowered by a sustainable, high-quality and easy-to-wear collection of outfits.



What our clients say

My husband starting his own business, so I needed to join him at functions and at other business-related events. But after so long in my ‘mum uniform’, I didn’t know how to put together a stylish wardrobe myself. Jana gave me a complete style overhaul. She educated me on where I should shop and what I should look for. I now know what to look for that complements my shape and colouring. I was ready to make major changes to the way I dressed and the way I did my hair and make-up. Jana gave me advice on everything. I love the way I feel now. I have ditched the daggy shorts and shirts of my past. Now my casual mum look is smart and feminine. It actually saves a lot of money as a personal stylist gives advice on what colours suit and what style suits. An outfit becomes “well-worn” rather than an “worn once” and then discarded, because it never really suited in the first place.

by Krystal

Thank you so much for everything.  It's probably a strange thing to say but I feel a sense of relief.  Shopping and clothes have always been a massive pain to me and hated with a passion. I'm so glad I eventually got around to contacting you.  It's a great feeling knowing someone who has a clue is looking at it with you and you are such a gem to deal with.  I think it will still be a while coming before I 'like' shopping myself but it's all a very good start. I have been loving my new outfits. I’ve been told a couple of times at work that I’ve got my tall shoes on…except I’m wearing the same shoes I’ve been wearing for ages. So you’ve obviously made me look taller.

by Kate

Jana came to my work to do a 30 minute speed styling, she is incredibly great at what she does. I can now feel a bit more confident that I look good. I'd definitely recommend anyone to have Jana do a consult. Thank you

by Jasmin

I always felt I had a pretty intuitive sense of style, including the colours I was drawn to. And then I met Jana; I discovered I knew 'nada.' Or at the very least, I had, what I now realise was a very 'superficial' hit-and-miss level of knowledge. Jana takes your 'look' to a whole new level. Colour, body shape, eye shape, tones, undertones. I go through most days not worrying about this stuff... until an event comes up where I need to feel confident and 'together'; for me - presenting seminars. When I've got an event coming up I-need-to-nail - I consult Jana. Right down to what lipstick that should-be-on-ma -lips! Seriously - it BOGGLES MY BRAIN how skilled and knowledgabe this woman is. Thank you Jana for stretching me...and thank you for helping me feel fabulous AND confident.

by Tamara

Jana has helped me feel confident with styles & colours I wouldn't have been game to wear out once & trust that if I follow the principles we have talked about it will look good.

by Shannon