Firstyl, view our Style Refinery System packages a carefully curated selection of our top-rated Sustainable Fashion Styling and Colour Analysis Services. We have packaged together our most loved services bringing them to you for best price possible.

Colour Services

It is time you truly understand the effect that colour has on your complexion, mood and emotions. This knowledge will result in you owning your colour palette, rather than being controlled by on-trend colours that don’t serve you.
The Style Refinery System will identify your signature colour palette, including the patterns, textures and contrast level that work in perfect harmony with your unique personality.

Personality, Body & Face Shape Services

Clever use of colour, style, texture, line and design can complement your body shape and help you to love the body that you have now. A Body Shape Analysis will teach you this and so much more.

Want to learn how to highlight your unique personality using fashion and build a cohesive wardrobe that is authentically you? Our Personality Style Services will ensure you will be excited to get dressed every morning for instance.

Wardrobe, Styling & Shopping Services

The key to Sustainable Fashion Styling is working with what you already have first. A Wardrobe Audit will help you to redisover what you have, how to better style it, and identifying the pieces that would extend your current wardrobe.

Hate shopping or simply don’t have the time? Book our Personal Shopping Services. Firstly we will make shopping simple and a pleasure, and secondly we will save you time and money.