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Tell us a little about yourself?

I am a Certified Image Consultant, owner-builder, wife and mother of two. I started my business Refine Your Style, with the intention to empower women by educating them on how to take control of their personal brand. I help women realise, regain, or refine a sense of their own style identity with a range of services, including colour analysis, body shape analysis, wardrobe analysis, and personal shopping.

Describe your style? I would say my style is minimalist elegance with a dramatic flair.

Most treasured item? My grandmothers heart locket, that my three year old is already coveting.

Labels you like? I love Dior, Colette Dinnigan and Moss & Spy. As well as Witchery, Country Road, David Lawrence, Sportscraft, and Review for staples.

Best shopping trip? Townsville has some fantastic boutiques, but Melbourne has been my favourite shopping destination for a long time.

Your style guru? It changes as my style evolves. At the moment it is Marion Cotillard, Rachel Weisz and Rose Byrne. I think it’s important that your inspiration comes from a source that will translate well to you. Getting your personality style right is essential in making yourself feel both comfortable and confident. While I identify as ‘elegant dramatic’, some of my clients are ‘natural creatives’ or ‘dramatic sexy’. Dressing outside your personality style only makes you feel inauthentic and awkward, so getting to know my clients innate preferences is essential for this reason.

You’d never be caught wearing? A flared skirt. While I love them, on my body shape it is seriously unflattering.

Wardrobe item you can’t bring yourself to part with? Beautiful shoes, even after they are a tad well worn.

Shoes or dress first? I would have to say shoes. I consider shoes an investment piece, and I opt for shoes that are good quality and versatile, so that they can be worn with lots of dresses.

Meaningful last words? If you’re not wearing the right undertone, value, and intensity, you’re not looking your best. ‘Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly.’ Epictetus.


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