The Style Refinery System: Personalised Bodyshape & Faceshape Guide

This service is a vital part of the larger styling experiences; the foundations of any wardrobe are built upon a harmonious combination of colour, line, design, pattern, texture, balance and proportion, from which we build on throughout the seasons.

Clients will undergo a comprehensive, body-shape, line, design and balance analysis as part of the Style Refinery System, to identify their own signature including styles, patterns, shapes and designs that work in perfect harmony with your unique personality.


  • Hairstyles recommendations that suit your face shape and enhance your natural features to convey a sense of confidence.
  • Psychological Profile mapped to styling elements, fashion elements 3. Proportions and Balancing, bone structure, body-shape signature; creating harmony and proportion, balance, optically balance the silhouette


$350 AUD ($245 USD)



This package is delivered virtually, but if you are located in the Townsville Region in Queensland Australia and would like to book face-to-face use the booking feature below: