The Style Refinery System:  Your Colour Basics

This service is a vital part of the larger styling experiences. The foundations of any wardrobe are built upon a harmonious combination of colour, line, design, pattern, texture, balance and proportion, from which we build on throughout the seasons.

Clients will undergo a basic colour analysis as part of the Style Refinery System, to identify their own 5 best signature colours including patterns,  textures and contrast level that work in perfect harmony with your unique personality.

We identify the best colours to bring life into your face and flatter your skin tone.

Hair colours and styles that suit your natural colouring and convey a sense of confidence.

Make-up combinations to brighten and refresh your skin, eyes and bone structure.


Power Colour Palette to look well, healthy, power colours, business colours, fabrics, textures, patterns, styles,
Hair colour recommendations,
Makeup colours and recommendations to exude authority and command respect.

Price $120


This package is delivered virtually